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Online High School Diploma Test

You may be asking yourself what are the high school diploma requirements? That’s simple. Take our exam that measures your proficiency in test category, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts. At JHS we offer on an online high school diploma program to earn your diploma from our virtual campus online, ideal for those needing an accelerated, motivational and 100% online option. You can simply register for our high school program for free, then test for free, practice if you wish, and after success completion with a score of 60% or better, earn a diploma directly from Jefferson High School.

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*Jefferson High School cannot guarantee or otherwise control the recognition that will be accorded this diploma by institutions of higher education, other schools, or prospective employers, and that such recognition is a matter solely within the discretion of those entities. JHS offers this online exam for free, with multiple opportunities for success. Those wishing to show successful completion of this program by ordering a JHS diploma (based upon that successful completion), do so understanding that its recognition acceptance lies solely within the discretion of the receiving entity.